A safe start of your summer holidays!

Stick to a few basic safety rules on the road and at your holiday destination and you will enjoy a safe holiday…

If you travel by car, be sure to consider the following:
  • Check your car! Oil level, coolant, lights and indicators, brake fluid (if possible), windscreen washer fluid, tire pressure (also from the spare wheel).
  • Take a break every 2 hours.
  • Do not replace your breaks with energy drinks or coffee.
  • Provide cool and refreshing drinks!
  • Protect children and babies from the sun.
  • Click the seat belt in the front AND the rear!
Vaccinations, First AID & Medicines:
  • Think in time of administering any necessary vaccinations.
  • A few first aid products can come in handy when you travel.
  • Don’t forget your daily medication!
At your holiday destination…
  • Enjoy the sun … but use a sunscreen protection with a sufficiently high protection factor. Re-lubricate regularly, especially when you go swimming. Also protect the skin of your children and do not forget their caps to prevent sunstroke!
  • Be careful when you go swimming, do not lose sight of the children and stick to the advice of the lifeguards.
  • Barbecue time! Do not use any products to stir up the fire.
  • A refreshing drink … but if you drink water, make sure it is drinkable water. Give preference to bottled water!
  • Holidays are the time to discover new things … but don’t look for the danger!
With the holiday ahead we sometimes are a bit distracted …
Keep the last days and hours your focus and avoid an accident just before you go on holiday!

Keep this in mind and you will enjoy a safe holiday season!

Embrace Safety & stay connected!

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