Once there was a Total Safety co-worker named Leroy Anthonis

Every story with a hero in it starts with that particular sentence.
And so does this story..

At the beginning of this year, Leroy was working at company which provides engineering & construction services to a large refinery in Antwerp. Here he received several ‘safety recognition tokens’ which he could trade in for project items as part of their reward program.
Leroy chose to trade those tokens for project embroidered warm blankets and donated them to ‘De Steenhouwer’.

De Steenhouwer is a community center for the homeless, people who live in poverty in the city of Antwerp (core city to our Belgium Operations). This is a place where they can come and take a shower, have a warm meal, connect with people,…
They offer a warm and safe place where people, no matter how different, receive recognition opportunity and support.

Leroy is a personification of our W3 mission “ensure the wellbeing of workers worldwide”
He not only carries our mission inside the company but also outside the company and helps to ensure the wellbeing of many others.

As a company we couldn’t be any prouder and want to be supportive with him and our mission.

Last Tuesday our TS Ambassador Leroy donated 100 blankets to the same homeless shelter.


We are a safety company, every day we care about the wellbeing of others, it’s in our DNA to care and help other people. So when someone does such great things, we as a company are only thankful and pleased to support this.

Are you also trigged by this? And want to help them or others?

We asked De Steenhouwer ‘How can any of us help? Which small gestures make a difference for you?’
The answers was simple: Be a volunteer, or just donate little things like toilet paper or razor blades. (For example, every week they have to buy for 80€ of toilet paper)

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