Managing Social Distancing and Risk Exposure at Work

How can I manage the risk of exposure and practice social distancing at work?

One of the biggest challenges companies are dealing with during this COVID-19 crisis is how they can manage the risk of exposure and practice social distancing at work. At Total Safety we have various solutions which can help you continue business in a safe manner.

Social Distance Supervisor

Because social distancing is the best weapon against spreading the COVID-19 virus. The CDC and WHO advises everyone to avoid social gatherings, stay at home as much as possible and if you have to go outside, keep at least 1.5 meters* distance from other people.

While staying at home to avoid social contact works for some occupations, some work has to be done in person. How do you maintain a safe distance when you work for a company that provides essential services in these times to serve society?

Total Safety Can Help!

Total Safety responded to the needs of its customers and launched the “SOCIAL DISTANCE SUPERVISOR”. Our “SOCIAL DISTANCE SUPERVISORS “are the operational “eyes and ears” in the field.

His / her main tasks:

  • Coaching and adjusting compliant with the measures described by the government and / or clients in function of prevention against the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Enforce social distancing by:
    – Proactively addressing individuals who are violating proximity rules
    – Corrective, sensitizing and positive behavior
  • Conduct observations at the various operational workplaces.
  • Propose and discuss improvements with the customer.

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(* varies on the imposed government measures)

Entering the work site

When entering petrochemical, chemical and oil & gas companies there are strict entry procedures.
The Total Safety Gating Solution provides quick deployable systems for temporary situations with a same or better level of access controls as permanent systems. We can set up effective and secure entrance gateways into the worksite with automatic controlled access and 24/7 surveillance of people and vehicles on your job site. The use of this system can eliminate the presence of a security guard and avoid physical contact during access procedures. With extended reporting capabilities and remote accessibility to data, you always know who is on your premises.

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Atmosphere Monitoring

Gas detection measurements are required when work is being done in hazardous environments to ensure your workers are safe. Traditionally done on schedule with a gas analyst, there is a risk of exposure and the risk of not following social distancing protocols.

Using Radius BZ1 devices strategically placed, in consultation with the customer, and monitor gas detection in the predetermined area throughout the plant. Our Gas Detection Monitoring Solutions measures the level of gases in the atmosphere all the time. It features an alarm system to alert anyone in the vicinity of danger. The connection to an online dashboard makes it possible to continuously monitor gas values in real-time. Additionally, the units can be interconnected to create zone alarms, so that people in designated areas can all be monitored and alerted of danger in the area.

The gas detection devices continuously measure the atmosphere even in confined spaces! The Radius device with display is place outside the space while monitoring the environment inside the space with pump technology.

Secure hot works in areas where ATEX is required: the entire area can be protected with the Spider™ gas detection equipment. Spider works by interrupting the power or shutting down the generator upon gas detection.

Protect construction areas for penetration of toxic and explosive gases:

  • Generate warning and evacuation alarms
  • Shut down critical equipment
  • Remote alarming control rooms and notifying people via the online dashboard

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Working in a confined space

When working in a confined space there are various measures to take when entering.
By using our Centralized Confined Space Monitoring System you can remotely monitor workers safety. Each system uses five types of technology including badge/ID reader technology, fixed gas monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, audible and visual alarms and push-to-talk communications.

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It is Total Safety’s mission is to ensure the safe wellbeing of Workers Worldwide. We do this by consistently investing in, technologies and processes that support an incident-free work environment, ensures compliance, and always keeps your business operating efficiently.

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