Monitoring Operator

The Monitoring Operator works in the central control room of the CCSM-system and is responsible for the safety of the persons entering and working in the confined spaces under monitoring. The Monitoring Operator is responsible for a maximum of 12 confined spaces.

The “outside” Monitoring Operator works closely with the Monitoring Operator and assists during emergencies, carries out function tests on equipment, corrects the position of the cameras etc.

The right man in the right place

Are you looking for trained and experienced safety personnel, where and when you need them? Our safety professionals not only have many years of experience, they also possess a wealth of knowledge. Regular training courses provide all our employees with broad knowledge of the latest legislation and technology and in addition, they all know your operational and safety-related arrangements before they start working with you.

Our Safety Professionals Are the Total Package

We ensure that only the highest caliber of Specialized Safety Personnel (SSP) are assigned to your projects. Whether you rely on our Project Coordinators, Safety Technicians or Safety Attendants (holewatch/firewatch/bottlewatch), you can trust that our high standards increase safety and efficiency and reduce your costs.

Site-specific safety profiles can always be provided in consultation with the customer.

“GO FOR ZERO”: With this in mind, our safety professionals are committed every day to guarantee your safety and that of others. We discuss the risks with you beforehand so that we can advise you about appropriate prevention measures.

Safety Profile may vary per region! Please get in touch with your local Total Safety Advisor for more information.

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