Individually tailored unit for extra storage capacity for any machine in the SaveLog family

SaveBox is an additional application , an extra unit with an increased capacity, which provides larger, extended storage for the SavePro or SaveRent machines.  It can control the consumption of fragile, expensive, large or heavy products that are distributed less frequently! Moreover! We developed a built-in scalein the latest version of SaveBox, so you can automatically distribute several tools and even liquid stored in one compartment, while the take-out amount is controlled by the built-in weight-amount calculator.

SaveBox is managed by the same software which is part of the SaveLog system, which means that it comes with the same advatages and its management is just as easy! It is a cheap, reliable solution.

Meny variations
  • SaveBox has many variations to choose from. The unit’s height, width and depth is the same for all, but you can order in several door variations. The standard SaveBox has doors from 3 to 10, and all door sizes are the same.
  • The SaveBox extra is a combination of different sized doors. On top of that, you can connect more SaveBoxes together in any combination so you can even have a wall of them according to your needs. A total of 198 door can be controlled by the SavePro, SaveCon and SaveBox Smart, or unlimited number by the SaveRent! This makes it a uniqely flexible solution!
  • All doors are equipped with strong glass windows, allowing you to see the insides.

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