SaveBox Smart

Universal storage with stand-alone feature

SaveBox Smart is a stand-alone SaveBox (locker-type storage) with its own control-system. SaveBox Smart is our most universal intelligent system to store and distribute manufacturing tools. Moreover: thanks to an optional function – the built-in scale – you can use SaveBox Smart for the 100% controlled distribution of small tools, which are stored in bigger volume and difficult to measure one-by-one. It is managed by the same SaveLog software as our other automats, which means that it comes with the same advantages and its management is just as easy!

Main benefits
  • Getting a product takes 10 seconds only eliminating the need for waiting, administration.
  • Easily expandable: SaveBox Smart has 7+1 doors, but can be extended by basic Saveboxes, which provides ample and variable storage.
  • Customised identification method: supports bar code/magnetic card/PIN codeidentification methods.
  • Operates in YOUR language: multilingual user interface, which can display special national characters.
  • Ideal solution for companies of 20+ employees: sue to its small size and light weight SaveBox Smart can fit into the tiniest office or place.
  • 100% accountability and cost tracking: The employees can only withdraw products from the vending machine after identification and according to the preset restrictions. All product withdrawals are recorded by name.
  • The machine stores ALL data even during network errors or power outings.
  • It’s software is part of SaveLog system, thus SaveBox Smart is fully compatible with our other systems: SavePro, SaveCon, SaveRent and SaveBox.

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