Award-winning automat for PPE and much more

This  flagship product is a multiple award-winning industrial vending machine for storing and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, gloves, office supplies, medical devices and other consumables. It is capable of 24/7 unassisted operation, is highly productive and supports service activities.

The SavePro3 features
  • Two-stage theft-prevention system to completely eliminate unauthorized access.
  • Automatic security tray sealing off the interior of the automat.
  • A massive, but easy-to-move access door protected by one or more electronic locks.
  • Completely redesigned receiving bin for a faster and safer product withdrawal.
  • Two additional plug-in points for maintenance – no need to remove the entire bin to access the PC anymore.
Available with 2 different softwares

The differences are in the software solutions implemented and the extent of IT support:

  • SavePro Classic software package is designed for smaller companies, employing between 100-200 people. It is easier to operate and is perfect for the installation of a few automats.
  • The software calibration options and the level of detail in the settings and the consumption reports are lower.
  • SavePro Professional – The SavePro Professional software package features more options and gives a lot more control over the user, who has the option to tailor the reports according to his needs and to schedule automatic report and data downloads.
  • The professional version allows the creation of sophisticated restriction systems, for example defining a minimum time period in minutes between two transactions.
  • Owners of the professional package have the chance to customize the operations for further efficiency and administration-time reductions.
SavePro Benefits
  • Up to 50% cost reduction
  • 100% control over consumption
  • 100% restriction and recording of employee access to items
  • Available 24/7
The automat is operated by the SaveLog software
  • The software is responsible for the monitoring and recording of all transactions and operations.
  • It logs all data and is able to send them automatically in email or present them in downloadable, importable XLS or CSV files.
  • It continues to operate even in the case of network errors.

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