Know where your equipment is at all times!

SaveRent automat is a unique tool-renting machine designed for storing and renting out valuable tools, IT equipment, car keys and other items that are not one-use only consumables, but are constantly being used by various workers for presentations, repairs and work.

The system is capable of giving real-time information about which employee rented out an item, when he is expected to return the item and also the condition of said item. The automat is also capable of automatically tracking certain qualities like warranty expiry or lifetime, and shutting down products when they reach these user-defined criteria!

Storage space can be expanded

Need more storage space? One SaveRent is not enough? Expand your SaveRent with SaveBoxes: you can connect any number or SaveBoxes, thus tailor their storage capacity to your need. Below you can see the SaveBox variations to choose from. Click here for more information on SaveBoxes.

Saverent benefits
  • 100% traceability of tools
  • 85% usage efficiency
  • 60% reduction of tools needed
  • 90% planning ahead
  • 100% availability
2 different software packages

The difference appears only in the software system and in the level of IT support:

  • SaveRent Classic – We recommend this package for smaller companies with more simple processes.
  • The Classic package allows the setting of maximum rental times on a company unit level and the receiving of automatic email reports, among various other software functions.
  • SaveRent Professional – The upgraded software package has it all: from optional SMS (text) alerts to sophisticated, individual level restrictions, from visual warranty/lifetime tracking to flexible statuses.
  • It is the best solution for users, who wish to further customize their system and bring their tool tracking and administration to the next level.

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