Carousel automat for wide variety of items

The SaveRing carousel type vending machine is the perfect solution, if you wish to store and distribute a large variety of product up to 540 unique items. Since the products are stored on and distributed from the rotating plates, and as opposed to coil-based machine, are not dropped during the transaction, SaveRing is ideal for fragile items, since damage risks are non-existent using a transaction are is also perfect for heavier, liquid items. Moreover, since the front panels are not transparent, employees can only view the products on the touchscreen that they have access to in the first place.

SaveRing is part of the SaveLog system, is managed by the same, easy to use and edit software application as the rest of our vending machines, such as SavePro.

Optional extra functions:

  • LED signal for door openings
  • Double configuration possibilities with two-column layout
  • Extra security break system
  • Configuration of more than the basic 300 positions
Savering 4 in 1

SaveRing combines 4 functions in 1 machine: it can simultaneously distribute products, rent and track products, return and store used items, and to order items currently not stored in the unit through an e-catalogue. The ordered products will be shipped by your refiller to your facility where they will be placed in your SaveBox. The SaveRing sends a notification upon the item’s arrival.

  • Vending
  • Renting
  • Returns
  • Ordering

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