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Offering complete Integrated Safety Solutions.
Total Safety is the unmatched global leader in providing integrated compliance solutions that ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3). With more than seven million+ hours committed to safety just last year, we deliver unmatched mitigation of risk and operating cost reductions without compromise.

Total Safety carries the largest multi-brand selection of safety materials in Europe, mainly suited for short-term equipment rentals.

We subsequently add highly efficient services in the field of management, monitoring, logistics and expert maintenance. All these services are managed in-house, allowing us to offer our customers a fully integrated and complete solution.

Our staff not only have many years of experience, they also possess a wealth of knowledge. Regular training courses provide all our employees with ample knowledge of the latest legislation and technology and in addition, they all know your operational and safety-related arrangements before they start working with you.

Our wide range of experienced safety professionals includes hundreds of skilled and highly motivated employees.


Both in the area of personnel and of safety equipment, Total Safety is able to provide the highest volumes, and they are all managed in-house. The flexibility guaranteed through these large volumes makes Total Safety a powerful player in its field.


Total Safety Worldwide

Total Safety U.S. Inc. is the world’s leading global provider of integrated industrial safety services, strategies and resources for guaranteed safety of your employees and their environment. Total Safety not only offers complete, cost-efficient safety solutions in keeping with its promises and any arrangements made, it also has the resources to realize and support them where necessary.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas and with more than 100 offices around the world, Total Safety has the manpower, means and processes to offer the best industrial safety solutions, tailored to your individual business needs. Our mission is to ensure the ‘Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide’ (W3).


Total Safety was founded in December 1994 in response to the industrial safety needs of the oil and gas industry. Internal growth and acquisitions have enabled the company to become the market leader in industrial safety services in several industries.

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Senior Management Team Europe

” A successful team is a group of many hands and ONE mind! “

Our Safety Culture

Our Mission is to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

Every day, hundreds of Total Safety employees throughout Europe dedicate themselves with heart and soul to the safety and wellbeing of our customers, their employees and contractors, and our own colleagues.

‘Health, Safety, Environment & Quality’ (HSEQ) are the core values of our company. Your input in our efforts to define, establish and integrate these values throughout the entire organisation creates added value, both for our clients and for us. By integrating these core values into all our activities, we underline our constant commitment to incident-free workplaces, day in, day out.

Total Safety wants to identify, correct and prevent any health, safety and environmental risks that could negatively affect our employees or our clients. With this in mind, the management keeps a close watch on strict application of the existing rules and regulations and puts all its resources to use. ‘Zero incidents’ is our ultimate goal.

Our employees are the driving force behind our HSEQ programmes and as such, their uncompromised commitment is essential to our business. For this reason we make considerable investments in training, personal protection equipment and safety-enhancing adjustments, year after year. The reward is a substantial reduction of accidents and health risks, which ultimately results in our leading position in safety solutions that allows us to ensure the safe ‘Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3)’.

Safety Culture

The proper attitude, strong leadership, targeted field coaching and the personal commitment of everyone on the work floor is of utmost importance throughout the entire organization. With an intense focus on risk identification, evaluation, elimination and control, we strive to minimize safety risks for all workers. Quick interventions and reporting of any unhealthy and unsafe practices is part of our global safety behavior. Integration of safety into our company culture all starts with safety awareness of each employee.



For many years, Total Safety has been practicing a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy and we hereby emphasize that carrying or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is IN NO WAY compatible with our own activities or those of third parties entrusted to our care.

We ask our employees to immediately report any deviation from this clear policy to their direct or indirect supervisor, or, in case of internal non-compliance, to notify our HR department who will then take care of the appropriate communication and measures.

In case of internal non-compliance, our Total Safety management will not hesitate to take firm action in order to safeguard both the collective and individual wellbeing of the company and its staff.

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