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Total Safety equips your organization with the industry’s best two-way communications systems to keep your workers safe. With our communications solutions, you can:

  • Increase safety by providing immediate communication in emergency situations
  • Maximize productivity by allowing workers to communicate quickly and efficiently
  • Rent or purchase top-quality equipment at competitive prices

Total Safety offers the following communications solutions:

  • Fixed communication
  • Portable communication
  • Alarming

Dependable communications solutions for every job

Our communications systems can be applied to a variety of uses and customized for your specific needs. This makes them ideal for locations that have stringent requirements for communications equipment due to hazardous situations. We also offer rentals of radios for locations with trunking systems.

Many times, a certain job or location requires radios to be programmed to a specific frequency. That’s why Total Safety provides you with custom frequency programming:

  • Channel choices in various models
  • On-site or wide-area coverage
  • Several trunking formats available

The best equipment – wherever and whenever you want it
Looking for sturdy safety equipment? Total Safety offers complete safety systems for hire, both for short-term and long-term projects. Are you planning a shutdown or need to book equipment for safety training purposes at the last minute? Total Safety has the solution for you.

Extensive product range | Brand-independent
Over the years we have built up an extensive product range. Total Safety is not tied to any specific brand. That brand-independency gives us the edge to offer you the best solution, tailored to your needs. Our ownership of all the materials ensures full flexibility in meeting your demands. And that’s not all – besides a wide range of equipment we also have our own workshops as well as fully certified engineering staff.

As a preferred partner of the following quality brands we can offer the most popular products at competitive prices.

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