Gas Detection

Keeping you safe and profitable

Rely on Total Safety, for toxic and hazardous gas detection at your facilities. Total Safety offers complete gas detection equipment for hire and sales, both for short-term and long-term projects. Our gas detection solutions include:

  • Single gas and multi-gas monitors
  • Photoionization detectors (PIDs)
  • Air sampling pumps and monitors
  • Bump test stations

Equipment service, compliance and engineering

Total Safety maintains all of the equipment that we sell/rent out. Also our technicians have the expertise to repair and maintain all popular gas detection equipment.

  • Trained and certified technicians
  • 24/7 service access
  • On-site or in-shop services
  • Service agreements built around your needs
  • Equipment maintained for optimum performance and regulatory compliance standards

Ready-for-use equipment

We clean and test our equipment before and after use, so that it is ready for use upon delivery!


Bump Test 

Gas detection instruments are life-saving devices. The only way to verify proper sensor and alarm operation is to perform a bump test. Bump testing is the process of briefly exposing the installed sensors to an expected concentration of calibration gas that is greater than the low alarm set point. Also referred to as a “functional test”, the bump test checks for sensor and alarm functionality.

In general, most manufacturers recommend a daily bump test prior to the operation of gas detectors.

Total Safety’s Universal Bump Test Station

Total Safety’s Universal Bump Test Station is designed to bump test all portable gas detection equipment and is not limited to equipment of a certain manufacturer or a certain model. Due to the station’s multiple gas application nozzles all personal and portable gas detection equipment can be safely bump tested prior to operation.

The robust construction makes the unit weather proof which means that the unit can be placed outside close to the plant entry making sure that each worker entering the plant will be able to perform a bump test on his personal gas detection device.

The TS Spider is designed to make fixed gas detection technology available in a mobile solution for temporary use, especially designed for use in chemical and petrochemical installations where explosive or toxic gases are likely to occur.


  • Fixed gas technology sensors and equipment are more robust and more accurate than portable gas detection
  • Connected to 220V / 110V power supply > no need to daily change batteries like when using devices like AreaRae, BM 25 or Dager X-Zone
  • Great variety of sensors available
  • Alarming through high volume sirens and good visible flash lights
  • On board relay to switch-off electrical power, turn-off generators, compressors, etc.

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Trust Total Safety to deliver the industry’s best gas detection equipment where you can expect to:

  • Rent premium equipment at reasonable prices
  • Optimize your investment in safety equipment
  • Get first class quality of service and repair
  • Utilize testing and calibration support
  • Minimize bottlenecks during turnarounds

The best equipment – wherever and whenever you want it
Looking for sturdy safety equipment? Total Safety offers complete safety systems for hire, both for short-term and long-term projects. Are you planning a shutdown or need to book equipment for safety training purposes at the last minute? Total Safety has the solution for you.

Extensive product range | Brand-independent
Over the years we have built up an extensive product range. Total Safety is not tied to any specific brand. That brand-independency gives us the edge to offer you the best solution, tailored to your needs. Our ownership of all the materials ensures full flexibility in meeting your demands. And that’s not all – besides a wide range of equipment we also have our own workshops as well as fully certified engineering staff.

As a preferred partner of the following quality brands we can offer the most popular products at competitive prices.

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