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Total Safety invented the concept of an on-site, integrated safety equipment and services package called the In-Plant Service Center (IPSC). The IPSC allows us to be on-site 24/7 at our customer’s location with full-time, trained technicians providing integrated safety solutions to support specific requirements, such as:

  • Supply of rental equipment needed by end-client and contractors
  • Inspection, maintenance and testing of safety equipment for good performance and compliance purposes
  • Electronic distribution of safety equipment
  • Organization of safety trainings (e.g. user awareness training)
  • Safety auditing of contractor and own staff
  • Pro-active planning of safety services and scope definition

By adopting this solution, costs can be optimized while ensuring best-in-class safety performance.

One-stop Safety Management

Thanks to our Integrated Safety Solutions we can support all your safety needs.  A single point of contact is assigned to handle your needs and requirements, ensuring all safety-related matters are steered in the right direction while you keep focusing on your core business.

All our safety solutions are managed in-house, allowing us to offer our customers a fully integrated and complete solution. Constant anticipation on market needs has allowed us to enhance and complete our safety portfolio. Consequently, both in the field of organization and products renovation and innovation have been consistent and common denominators throughout our history.

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