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On-site Management & Distribution

For the on-site management and distribution of safety equipment, Total Safety has developed a system to actively manage the flow of equipment & PPEs during the execution of projects. This system allows the management of the complete quantity of safety equipment and goods while making sure the rotation is optimal. To achieve that goal, Total Safety uses custom developed software, in a so-called shop formula on-site. These Total Safety material shops are fully equipped rental shops with all (PPE) equipment centrally distributed across the plant from this shop.

Our Safety Shops are an important part of our exclusive In-Plant Service Centers. We make sure our full-time, trained technicians are ready to come to your site, day or night. Thanks to a proper follow-up of issuing and returning, we can quickly respond to inventory needs to optimize your budget.

All equipment to be handed out is registered in the system with barcodes or tags. If required, also your own safety equipment can be co-managed by this central database. Thanks to scanners these tags can be read very quickly in a tailored database. All persons authorized to pick up these goods are registered in the system and can receive there badge after registration This badge identifies the person both on individual and company name basis.

Pick-up and return moment are linked with the article, the person and the company name. This way the issuing goods becomes a fully controlled and controllable process.

  • Materials Management 24/7
  • Inspected, tested & calibrated PPE
  • Trace & Trace of PPE (less missing items)
  • Project-to-date Reporting

One-stop Safety Management

Thanks to our Integrated Safety Solutions we can support all your safety needs.  A single point of contact is assigned to handle your needs and requirements, ensuring all safety-related matters are steered in the right direction while you keep focusing on your core business.

All our safety solutions are managed in-house, allowing us to offer our customers a fully integrated and complete solution. Constant anticipation on market needs has allowed us to enhance and complete our safety portfolio. Consequently, both in the field of organization and products renovation and innovation have been consistent and common denominators throughout our history.

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