Do you take safety personal?

Total Safety provides a full range of safety services. You can count on us for high-quality and cost-efficient solutions that can provide a safe and healthy working environment, always tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Total Safety only partners with companies that share our mission and understanding of safety. That’s why we joined forces with Honeywell to provide you quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety products at competitive prices!

Every single piece of PPE is personal, some products are suitable for one type of industry but not for others. And even within the same industries where the safety standards are the same, personal protective equipment can vary from person to person, as one product may fit better or be more comfortable to wear for one person but not another.

Comfort is where safety begins. Unsuitable, uncomfortable PPE’s can cause a safety risk for your workers. PPE’s that meets the jobs specific needs and are comfortable to work in is the answer.
PPE only offers protection if worn properly.

Total Safety and Honeywell created head-to-toe solution packages for the Oil & Gas, Scaffolding and Industrial industry.

By applying a Good-Better-Best scalee for the scaffolding & industrial industry we can offer a variety of products to meet any requirement. All products within every category have the same required safety standards. The difference within the features, material used, comfort, and durability.


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Gas Detection

Honeywell BW™ personal gas monitors are available for most commonly encountered gas hazards. Lightweight, wearable protection with one-button operation and clear confidence and alarm indicators.


Check out the Honeywell BW™ personal gas monitors!

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Honeywell provides a broad range of industrial safety products to help organizations manage workplace safety in an increasingly complex world. They are at the forefront of materials technology, industry trends, standards, and regulatory requirements.


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