Centralized Confined Space Monitoring

The Next Generation of Confined Space Safety

Increase worker safety by utilizing Total Safety’s patented Centralized Confined Space Monitoring™ System as a supplement to your existing space entry procedures. CCSM includes an innovative and user-friendly risk control process to employ dedicated equipment combined with trained safety operators and technicians. Each system uses five types of technology to ensure the safety of your workers including badge/ID reader technology, fixed gas monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, audible and visual alarms and push-to-talk communications.

Perfect Balance between Man & Technology

A single operator can monitor up to 12 confined spaces where the system provides real time gas measurements, access control data, camera streams and a full duplex intercom system. All the data is securely stored for evaluation and incident investigation purposes. With this real-time technology, the control center continually identifies workers within the space, maintains a visual and a clear line of communication, monitors the atmosphere for toxic or dangerous gases, and delivers appropriate alarms if an incident occurs.

The Centralized Control Center:

  • Utilizes visualization software to centralize, analyze and report all incoming data through one video wall and two system servers
  • Provides continuous monitoring of the confined space(s) by trained personnel
  • Completes checklists to verify work permits, required personal protective equipment (PPE) and potential atmospheric hazards
  • Projects clear and visible alarm conditions and status
  • Receives visual and audible via “pop-ups” in case of incoming calls The CCSM-system has been developed throughout years and has meanwhile proved its value during many turnarounds.

‘Total Safety has long focused on ‘technological safety solutions’ in specific niche markets, and we are characterised by our innovative market approach and cutting-edge services. With rising costs and increased pressure within the industry, we have developed market-leading products to allow greater safety at a lower price.

‘More for less’, that is the essence of our technological safety solutions.
Your benefits: more safety, better follow-up and an optimised budget. All this is the direct result of our creative cooperation with safety managers, enabling us to provide budget-friendly solutions for old problems.

It is Total Safety’s goal to consistently review and improve our equipment, technologies and processes that support an incident-free work environment, help ensure compliance and keep your business operating efficiently at all times.

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