Gating Solutions

Temporary Access Control

The Total Safety Gating Solutions provide quick deployable systems for temporary situations, with a same (or better) level of access control as permanent systems.

Stand-alone versus full integration

  • Stand-alone situation: use of our own state of the art on-board access – control system  
  • Full integration in the client’s own access control system:  connected to the access control system of the client

Your benefits: 

  • Effective and secure access to sites thanks to automatic controlled access with 24/7 overview of people and vehicles on-site.
  • Advanced access control system with extended report capabilities and remote accessibility to data (e.g. fire brigade).
  • Tailor-made solution thanks to high flexibility of the system and the use of mobile equipment.
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to robust and Plug & Play system.
  • Management information like working hours reports, occupancy lists, details on numbers of visitors on-site, etc.

‘Total Safety has long focused on ‘technological safety solutions’ in specific niche markets, and we are characterised by our innovative market approach and cutting-edge services. With rising costs and increased pressure within the industry, we have developed market-leading products to allow greater safety at a lower price.

‘More for less’, that is the essence of our technological safety solutions.
Your benefits: more safety, better follow-up and an optimised budget. All this is the direct result of our creative cooperation with safety managers, enabling us to provide budget-friendly solutions for old problems.

It is Total Safety’s goal to consistently review and improve our equipment, technologies and processes that support an incident-free work environment, help ensure compliance and keep your business operating efficiently at all times.

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