Portable Monitoring

Combined TABLET & CAMERA Solution for Confined Space Monitoring
Ensuring safety WITHIN confined spaces is one of the most challenging tasks of a safety attendant positioned at the opening. His duties are restricted to the outside of the vessel and he has no or little idea of the activities and the situation within the confined space.

The Portable Monitoring solution offers the safety attendant the ability to monitor the INSIDE of a confined space by using technology.
The images of cameras on the inside of the confined space are displayed on a tablet and gives the safety attendant a direct insight of the inside situation.


  • Monitors your confined spaces (inside & outside)
  • Accelerates the reporting chain to protect workers
  • The safety attendant can see INSIDE the confined space at all times
  • Increase safety by adding effective gas & fire detection
  • Real-time monitoring system
  • Day & night vision
  • Wireless connection
  • Saves costs
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to handle (hardware + software)

‘Total Safety has long focused on ‘technological safety solutions’ in specific niche markets, and we are characterised by our innovative market approach and cutting-edge services. With rising costs and increased pressure within the industry, we have developed market-leading products to allow greater safety at a lower price.

‘More for less’, that is the essence of our technological safety solutions.
Your benefits: more safety, better follow-up and an optimised budget. All this is the direct result of our creative cooperation with safety managers, enabling us to provide budget-friendly solutions for old problems.

It is Total Safety’s goal to consistently review and improve our equipment, technologies and processes that support an incident-free work environment, help ensure compliance and keep your business operating efficiently at all times.

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