Emergency response

Total Safety has the people, programs and processes to handle all of your medical needs. We can equip your organization with the industry’s best emergency response, rescue and emergency training services to keep your workers safe. No matter where you are in the world, onshore or offshore, our experts deliver the services you need to be prepared in an emergency.

Total Safety Emergency Response Services includes the development of plans, delivery of training and plan management. Our emergency response services allow your company to put an emergency response plan in place to ensure the safety and health of your staff during critical emergency operations. Let us put our expertise to work on your behalf. We develop plans for natural disasters, fire, medical, rescue, oil spills, hazmat and more.

Solutions and regulations may vary per region! Please get in touch with your local Total Safety advisor for more information.

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In-house instructors

Our Total Safety Training team consists of highly motivated instructors who all have several years of experience in different positions in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Safety advice

In addition to our safety training, we also offer tailor-made safety advice. Our experienced level I, II, and III Safety Advisors can inform you on the applicable procedures, monitor the implementation thereof and coach your people.

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