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The objective of the VCA-BASIC training is to increase your employee’s awareness of health, safety and wellbeing at work. The study topics are selected based on the different working conditions, and the risks your employees face. The training ensures that they will be able to assess the safety of various professional situations. The training also provides a solid foundation for the next SCC exam, one level up.

The objective of the SCC-FULL is to provide your employees with a plethora of information on health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. The topics are selected based on working conditions and risks which you, as a manager, could face in various professional situations. Your managerial tasks and responsibilities as well as the resources with which you can influence safety allow you to assess various professional situations from a safety perspective.

In addition to raising awareness, this training also provides you with targeted support if you are taking the SCC exam.

Do you work as recruiter or manager in a temp agency? If so, you must have the Safety for Recruiters and Managers VCU (VIL-VCU) certificate. This certificate proves that you know the safety requirements for employees in SCC companies.

Training Kalender:

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In-house instructors

Our Total Safety Training team consists of highly motivated instructors who all have several years of experience in different positions in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Safety advice

In addition to our safety training, we also offer tailor-made safety advice. Our experienced level I, II, and III Safety Advisors can inform you on the applicable procedures, monitor the implementation thereof and coach your people.

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