Standard safety training

Six training modules are offered in the context of “Register of High-risk TASKS” as determined by BESACC.

  • AV-006 | Using personal fall protection – Basic training
  • AV-011 | Fire Guard
  • IS-007 | Working as a confined space attendant
  • IS-009 | Using personal fall protection – Advanced
  • IS-013 | Measuring and detecting hazardous materials
  • IS-081 | Using independent (autonomous and non-autonomous) respiratory protection equipment

Training Kalender:

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In-house instructors

Our Total Safety Training team consists of highly motivated instructors who all have several years of experience in different positions in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Safety advice

In addition to our safety training, we also offer tailor-made safety advice. Our experienced level I, II, and III Safety Advisors can inform you on the applicable procedures, monitor the implementation thereof and coach your people.

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